Final Decisions in the Temple of Time

by FDitty

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Tommy Danger
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Tommy Danger So good! These kids are doing it right, simple punk tunes about life. Thank you! Favorite track: C'YAL8R.
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A collection of songs poorly recorded inside the temple, with a laptop mic, over the course of a few months. ( Sorry for the cheap quality )

To anyone who has ever supported this project, or anybody who has
helped us play rad shows (Ryan,Tommy D, Matt & Ian, Claire, Justan, North Hollywood), THANKYOU!! <3
A special thank you to Sam Arshawsky for doing our album artwork.<3

Unhappy Halloween 2013


released October 31, 2013

Frodo Nuts- percussion
Hec turd- guitars,bass,vocals, drums on cop graveyard
Jas 1- vocals on "Ill Times"
Bryner- appears on Cop Graveyard
Akopalypse 1
Trill Cosby
Daddy Jankee



all rights reserved


Final Decisions in the Temple of Time California

Mary Lives in my dreams

this was never meant to last forever
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Track Name: Even at Burger King I can't have shit my way
When I get stoned and I can't take no more
I tend to go home
I tend to go home
where I don't have to hide my face from outside
and I can take shits in the temple of time

where im worry free cause I get to eat
all of the food that my mom bought for me

I think im scared
scared of today
tomorrow I know i'll have nothing to say
Track Name: Turn down 4 the kids
everything felt new to me he first time I tried ecstasy
the first time that I fell in love I ran away and felt so dumb
cause who could love me more than you?
I nervous boy, a lovesick (lovely) girl
he left her all alone
and now he's all alone too
its like I killed my bestest friends just so I can make some more
now I'll be upset forever cause I always hurt the ones I love.
Track Name: Unhappy
When we were such little kids~

Tell me about those krazy dreams, the ones when you wake up and (SCREAM!!) YOU CAN'T MOVE A LIMB!!

and my couch is made of feathers
and often times I see them flying around places
places they shouldn't be like in my underwear!

In my dreams, I dream of birds
inside my living room
they're killing all the innocent spiders in my home!!

Just like I read Anansi Boys when I was in middle school
Just wish my brother had wanted to read MORE BOOKS!!!!


Tell me about those krazy dreams
Don't leave behind your family
Don't be afraid to say:
Track Name: C'YAL8R
I never listened to my parents
when they said brush your teeth
or when they said take a shower
before you go to sleep at night

I never meant to disappoint you
Now my gums bleed constantly

Its no wonder I can't go to sleep
at night I think of many things
like who I am now or where ive been
over the course of nineteen years

I always wanted to grow up fast
now I feel so opposite

I never wanted to be a bad son
I never meant to hurt anyone
and all my selfish adventuring
it led me here despite everything

I wont be here for a long long time
can only stay here for a little while
and C YA L8R alligators
cause down the road there are crocodiles.

***Don't be sorry just act silly baby, nothing ever is your fault***
Track Name: Dear Bonooru
I was lost in these old woods of time without any fairy or friend of mine thinking today is the day I'll leave my tree house alone.

But the comfort of my dreams and the trust I found in the Great Deku Tree, and everything else I learned here
won't disappear.

I'll be riding away with my horse and my wooden sword
humming as loud as I can

Saria's song is the only thing that takes me back home, but home is not a place where I belong

Some days I feel like im older than the sun just in another life and ive been here all along
and its SO FUCKING SAD no one lives long enough to see the death and birth of a star.

So i'll ride Epona back home and ill whistle loud the song of storms!!

Oh dear Bonooru don't forget my little tune cause I've grown up since seven years ago, and getting old is dumb I forgot most things ive done
but one thing i'll never forget is you!!!
Track Name: Ill Times
I had a violin
and it sat in my room all day
along with the other items
along with the things I love but I don't use enough
like hung old pictures on your wall
you never have time to look up at all
and no one wears a helmet anymore riding on their bicycles

Things I don't say
you say its not like that any way
thing I don't know
things I let time just take away from me
Track Name: Reinventing Tom Gabel
We're still waiting for the band who plays real loud and doesn't care how many people show up

They will travel a million miles just to play us songs so we can all (GET DRUNK) dance along

Track Name: Cop Graveyard (Teen Suicide cover)
Track Name: Sometimes the hero wears all black
Amanda please lay off the crack
My future is black and you're not one of us so stay out of the courthouse
and this month is sooo scary, wear a mask to hide from evil things.

I'M NOT AFRAID of trippy little hands in the middle of the night, tugging away at my extremities.

Oh Navi i'll play the Sun's Song
to make the re-dead go away

This year for Halloween
I didn't know what to be
It's gotten hard enough to be myself lately
I had a conversation with a ghost baby
he wore black.